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Lounge Chair

Lounge set, detail

Lounge set

'Good Morning Sunshine'

'Lazy Afternoon'

'Onshore' chair

'Just go 6 weeks on holiday' mailbox


LSD Lenssinck Sculpture Design

Back in the 1980’s, Willem Lenssinck started experimenting with new materials and disciplines. Not only did he add bronze sculptures to his oeuvre, but also light-objects and chairs. These developed into a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture sets.

He works with aluminium, stainless-steel, glass, bluestone and granite. The style of his designs are unique, and the sturdy outdoor models are resistant to any weather conditions. ‘Practically maintenance free’ as he likes to put it himself.


Willem & The Royal Dutch Chair
Willem & The Royal Dutch Chair


Many people are surprised that metal furniture can be so incredibly comfortable – not just the result of using Alcantara pillows, but ‘the use of optimised sitting angles’, according to Willem. In most of his chairs, you can pleasantly doze away.


'Royal Dutch Chair'
‘Royal Dutch Chair’


'Living Table', outdoor

'Living Table', indoor

'Lazy Afternoon', detail

LSD Poolchair


Initially starting out with light-objects, Willem took on a new challenge when he considered to try furniture as well; since the market is saturated with literally thousands of different designs – could he come up with something original, something unique?


LSD Geo chairs


GEO chair


The images below are from projects done in the 1980’s. The toaster was a project for Tefal, they supplied Willem with one of their standard toasters, in order to modify it into a Design-toaster. Somehow the Tefal managers seemed not overly joyed with the result, since they stated it could not be taken into production ‘because it does not look happy’.


LSD 1980's



The table below is named after famous sculptor Pieter d’Hont (1917-1997) from Utrecht. His work can be found all over the city centre. Pieter and Willem were friends for decades, and in 1991 Willem received the ‘Pieter d’Hont Award’ for his oeuvre.


Pieter d'Hont Table (1995)
Pieter d’Hont Table (1995)


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