Symbiosis of art, design & technique

'Royal Dutch Chair'


Lazy Afternoon

L S D  L A Z Y  A F T E R N O O N  C H A I R

Deckchair, in anodised aluminium and frame of epoxy coated steel, dark grey anthracite. Headrest: Leather Alcantara. Lie down pillow: Leather Alcantara
in various colours. Adjustable in two positions (sitting / lying position).
Not only beautiful, but also extremely comfortable.

Technical barriers never existed for Willem Lenssinck. When any appeared, he just expanded his skills. He wants to be free of limitations when it comes to his creations, be it in the field of ceramics, sculpting, creating patina, or designing furniture. He works with bronze, nickel-silver, steel, aluminium, clay, granite.
He was one of the first sculptors to use 3D techniques in his work.

See sculptures, or LSD designs.

Willem Lenssinck 3D (2018)

WILLEM LENSSINCK 3D, ‘the Art of Sculpting’ – The radical change of the classical sculpture world. Thanks to the digital revolution! You can purchase Willem’s new book on sculpturing & 3D technology at and at Galerie Laimböck.